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Restlessness and an overwhelming urge to communicate are the only spurs that incite certain artists to take action. Max Maffia is without doubt one of these artists. While many artists, before acting, think about their sales potential and the chances of meeting with general approval, Maffia, like few others, acts because he has no choice. His lifestyle and artistic production are living proof. Born in Salerno, a fiery electric guitarist with a strong Hendrix stamp and influenced by the sound of 4AD, Max has also demonstrated with the acoustic guitar his ability to reach extraordinary states of grace. His first release was the cd “Sky and Misery”, produced by Paul Chain in 1995, with the rock group the “Peanuts”. For a year or two he was a member of the ska group “Appesi Aun Filo” and also played with “Il Pozzo di San Patrizio”, recording with them the album “Altri Tempi” (Other Times) – a mix of Irish folk, dub and space rock – and taking part in their international tour. In the meantime Max moved ahead with his own self-produced projects such as “Stagioni” (Seasons) and “Anywhere in the World”, the soundtrack to a video entitled “Picasso, sulle impronte del mito” (Picasso, on the artist’s trail). From 2005-2006 he collaborated with Nicodemo, a group of electronica songsters, on the albums “Boulevard Du Sud” (Southern Boulevard) and “Il Treno per Bologna” (The train for Bologna) while dedicating himself at the same time to the cultural association “Anima Mundi” of which he is both founder and president. In the spring of 2007 he successfully completed the difficult musical and hunanitarian project “The Right Compilation” supported by the FAO for the Telefood programme. The album is the result of a meeting of artists from various cultural and stylistic backgrounds such as the Scambio, the Israelian singer Talya G. A. Solan, the Argentinian singer Florencia Ruiz and the Neapolitan sitar player Guido Schiraldi. In 2012 Max Maffia released a new cd with “the Peanuts” “10” and touring with his new band “Max Maffia & the Empty Daybox”, released a new album called “Happiness is a tree”. In 2015 released a new EP album called  “A better place” with “Max Maffia & the Empty Daybox”. At the moment is recording a new album with his band.

(Gianmaria Consiglio | translation by Tony Lawson)



Laurea in Scienze dell’Informazione


“Fundamentals of Music Theory by The University of Edinburgh on Coursera. Certificate earned on March 15, 2017”


since 1992 The Peanuts (since 2007 w/ Johnny Sessa e Lore Maffia)
1998-2000 Appesi aun filo
2000-2002 Delirio
2002-2004 Il pozzo di san Patrizio
2005-2007 Nicodemo
since 2009 Max Maffia and the Empty Daybox (con Daniela Lunelli, Valerio Valiante, Alessandro Taborri, Gino Ariano e Annamaria Conte)

Independent projects and production

2000 An Afternoon like this – Peppe Gianfredi/Max Maffia
2003 Winter session – AA.VV.
2004 Summer session – AA.VV.
2004 Spring session – AA.VV.
2004 Autumn Session – AA.VV.
2006 Sera – AA.VV.
2006 Nightsick – AA.VV.
2007 The right compilation – AnimaMundi/Daybox Records/Telefood FAO – AA.VV.
2008 1968 – Sonora’68
2008 Silver – 3×0
2008 Synapticollapse – Naadir
2009 Fifth Season – Max Maffia

 Reading and Theatrical projects

2011 I racconti dell’ombrellino rosso (Pio Giottini | Max Maffia & the Empty Daybox)
2013 Le Donne coi vestiti a fiori (Diego De Silva & The Peanuts)
2014 Non dirmi che hai paura di G.Catozzella (Marcello Napoli & Gerry Guarino | featuring Annamaria Conte)
2014 Il poeta e la natura (Marco Dell’Acqua | Max Maffia & the Empty Daybox)
2015 No Words (Teatri di popolo | Max Maffia, Valerio Valiante: Chitarre | Annamaria Conte: Flauto traverso)


2005 – Video “Picasso, sulle impronte del mito” Cactus film
2007 –  iL!ive – (cinzia teresa maietti)
2012 – Salerno rima d’inverno di Pierpaolo di Maio
2012 – She Died – episodi II e V
2013 – I quattro elementi – Mediavox
2014 – Ma non l’amore qualunqueHobos Factory/Unitalia
2014 – Volevo solo vivere – Corto sulla tragedia di Balvano
2015 – Casa Vincenzo (Episodio “La nascita delle luci”)tumitubi.it
2015 – Vengo dal futuro – Spot – Hobos Factory
2015 – Spot per GalItalia –Hobos Factory
2015 – Come scorre il tuo tempo Sodalis – Hobos Factory
015 – Colonna sonora per i 6 cortometraggi del Corso Tecnico per la valorizzazione e promozione dei beni e delle attività culturali – Conform
2016 – Colonna sonora originale del Film “ENIGMA FINALE” di Alfonso Perugini (Prismsrl/Databenc)




Max Maffia and the Empty Daybox – A new Dawn (Hobos Factory)
The Peanuts – Timeless world (Clever production)
Max Maffia and the Empty Daybox – In volo (Italian Souls – Clever Production)
Max Maffia and the Empty Daybox – November 4th (Italian Souls- Clever Production)


Indie (racconto del NaNoWriMo 2011) pdf (2.0 Mb)


Elegal – Project about copyright infringments (Salerno Italia) (Mumble Rumble / Comune di Salerno)
Fall Festival – Southern Italy Independent Labels Meeting Project (Mumble Rumble)
Wanted Primo Maggio – Responsabile per le selezioni in Campania (Toast Records / Mumble Rumble)
From the basement – Trasmissione radio sulle frequenze di unisa.it (il venerdì alle 14.45)

Cd release

Max Maffia and the Empty Daybox

  1. A better place (daybox records/cd baby | 2015)
  2. Compilation El otro canto (circulo bar/hacia el horizonte) con il brano Arabia | 2013
  3. Happiness is a tree (daybox records/cd baby) | 2012


Max Maffia

  1. Anywhere, in the world! (digital)
  2. VIVA (digital)
  3. Lullaby (digital)
  4. Fifth Season (digital)
  5. The war next door

 “The Peanuts

  1. Sky and Misery (day records)
  2. The Right Compilation (animamundi/daybox records)
  3. 10 (daybox records/cd baby)

Il Pozzo di San Patrizio

  1. Altri tempi (ethnoworld/venus)
  2. Hard Folk Cafè (UPR Folk Rock/Edel)


  1. Boulevard du sud
  2. Il treno per bologna (La Fabbrica)

Appesi aun filo

  1. Suoni di tutti i colori (Arci Anagrumba)

Max Maffia and the Empty Daybox
(from left) Max Maffia, Alex Taborri, Daniela Lunelli, Valerio Valiante, Gino Ariano, Annamaria Conte, “A better place”, “Happiness is a tree”

Max Maffia & the Empty Daybox.

Max Maffia & the Empty Daybox. Visita il sito http://emptydaybox.it